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Emilio Morasso Architects is a Swiss-based multi-disciplinary practice specialising in architecture, urban design and design management.

The practice was founded in 1980 by architect Emilio Morasso after years of work as a researcher for various universities, and as a designer and project manager for governments and contractors abroad.

Emilio Morasso Architects has a broad range of expertise in diverse aspects of architecture both domestically and internationally, including retail and leisure, industrial and commercial, healthcare, education, housing as well as charitable projects.

The practice has developed skills in urban planning, transformation and redevelopment of industrial areas, masterplanning and architectural design. Emilio Morasso Architects takes special pride in delivering environmentally-friendly design and execution.


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The practice works for a variety of domestic and international investors, public administrations, private developers and engineering companies and has a proven track record of successful coordination of project partnerships.

The over 30-years' experience and the reiterated commissions from long-standing clients bear witness to the expertise and reliability of our practice.

Emilio Morasso leads a team of professionals. Thanks to time-honoured multi-disciplinary collaborations with varied partners, the practice can deliver on any technical, management and financial requirements.

The practice offers all-round services including feasibility studies, technical and financial analyses, project management, final design and executive drawings, project coordination. Although we can and sometimes do provide a partial service, the majority of our work is conducted by the practice from inception to completion.


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The final form, the articulation of the contents is the result of an often complicated comparison between the interlocutors, clients, companies, technicians and administrators of the territory: reality, expectations and economy.

Flexibility, persuasion, patience, determination and a look to the future are the tools that lead to the graphic and technical definition of the project.

Then the construction, difficult, its drawbacks and surprises, the human relationships of the construction site, learning, the search for precision, the choice of the right material, the detail drawn on the walls, the constant presence up to the olive branch on the roof.

The beauty of the architect's work is precisely in the comparison between the first idea, the Dream, the construction, Reality and time, Harmony of Memory.


Arch. Emilio Mosasso

Architecture is predicting the dream as the architect is the interpreter of illusions.

Being an architect means giving shape and harmony to the dreamed image

Balance and emotion must be the engine of the project

Technique and detail the strength of the construction result

When the signs of aging consolidate the emotion of creation, this is the balance of the right project

An architecture must create the feeling that could only be that one in that place

The heart has always been full of passion

The same inventive drive of the first day

A life story to be repeated on the next lap

40 years of commitment and 560 projects

This site is a summary of a path where the end is not decided.

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